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During your marriage, you and your spouse can build valuable assets composed of different types of property such as homes, vehicles and retirement accounts. Figuring out what they are worth and how to divide them between you and your spouse can be very complicated and can further strain your relationship. It’s important that you hire an experienced equitable distribution attorney like W. Gregory Duke to assist you in your case.

Typically, marital property is defined as property acquired from the start of the marriage to the date of separation, with some exceptions. Anything acquired before the marriage or after the date of separation is considered separate property. Other types of separate property include property that is inherited or received as a gift. Separate property belongs to the owner and isn’t divided in property distribution. However, marital property is equitably distributed.

The Law Office of W. Gregory Duke is committed to helping you receive the marital estate you deserve. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that all property between parties is accurately classified, valued and distributed. We believe that no one should begin this new phase in life without the property they worked hard for while married.

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