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Child Support Attorney

Child support is a complicated issue that no separating or divorcing parent wants to go through. You want the needs of your child to be met, but you don’t want to be held responsible for paying more than your fair share of your child’s expenses. In most divorce cases involving children, a judge will order some form of child support. An experienced child support attorney like W. Gregory Duke can help you receive a proper settlement for you and your child.

In North Carolina, a judge resolves child support by using a formula outlined in the state guidelines. This method relies on numerous financial components to determine what level of child support is appropriate for a given set of circumstances. Those financial factors include:

  1. Gross monthly income of both parties,
  2. Daycare costs,
  3. Health insurance costs including medical, dental and vision, and
  4. Education costs such as private school tuition.

The Law Office of W. Gregory Duke works tirelessly to ensure that all relevant information is appropriately considered to help you receive the child support that is right for your family.

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