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Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Separation and divorce can lead to legal, financial and emotional strain. When children are involved, separation and divorce can cause even more stress. When you and your spouse face a separation or divorce, determining important decisions regarding your child’s well-being is often a complicated matter if each party has differing opinions on how the child is to be raised.

Legal issues you need to consider in a child custody and visitation agreement include:

  1. Where will our child live?
  2. Whom will our child live with?
  3. Who will make important decisions about our child’s life?
  4. How can our child have contact with the parent they are not living with?

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the answers to these questions, either party can choose to go to court, and a judge will make a decision regarding child custody and visitation. Hiring an experienced child custody and visitation attorney like W. Gregory Duke will ensure you reach a settlement with your child’s best interest in mind.

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